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Learning how to Meditate

Life only gets better.
You’re about to start
an amazing journey.

However, it is special because it has the power to completely and totally relax your mind and body while energizing it, leaving you in a state where you are able to do anything and everything.

Now we get down to the technicalities. The first step to achieving a state of meditation is simply desire; you have to want it. For your first meditation, it is best to find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably. Take your shoes, glasses, or any extra items off; basically get ready to relax.

Now you know the body is made of three channels and 7 energy centers. An imbalance in any of these is due to the life we lead. So the first thing we shall do is to cleanse these centers.


Follow the video where Nikhita takes you through a step-by-step process in doing your first meditation. We have included some lovely music, so enjoy the experience. 

It will last about 10 minutes, so for a maximum experience, do not hesitate to put away those phones for now : )

Your First Meditation

Meditating at Home